White Label Computer Repair

Currently running a small repair shop for other electronics such as phones, tablets, or consoles? Would you like to make a passive income?

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We are your one stop shop for any issues that your customers are looking to fix. We have a wide range of services available and ways to support them. Does your customer have a hardware or software issue but you don’t have the time to work on their computer? With our White Label support we have great options available for you.

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The On-Boarding Process

We are constantly seeking ways to help improve both our business as well as other businesses. Our on-boarding process is rather simple. It’s so easy that we can do it in only 4 steps!

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Interested in having this great support available to you and your customers? We will go over the best options that will work for you. During this time, we gather information about your business and we then make recomendations on services available for you and your customers.


When it comes to pricing, we already have everything set for you. Because of the nature of our services and how we preform them, we have multiple prices and all are covered under the agreement terms that we have reached with you.


During the agreement creation process, we work with your business focus and your businesses needs. Our white label services include a wide range of services and ways for us to complete them. We do require that you use only us for computer repair and no other 3rd party service, this ensures that we are giving you and your customers the best possible service.

Once an agreement is met and signed off (pricing is discussed by SKU/completion type at this time) we process a one time, non-refundable, on-boarding fee of $1,000. This covers your business account creation, ticketing system, and first years licensing fees (starts at $750/+yr).


Payment Process

During your agreement period we require a method of payment on file. The reason for this is so we can automatically process your weekly invoice. The weekly invoice is tallied from Monday to Saturday, sent on Sunday, and processed Monday morning.

Remote Device Repair & Troubleshooting

As a small business your focus is on the customer and your businesses needs. If you find yourself being weighed down with trying to run your business and provide your customers with their computer needs, than let us help to take some weight off your shoulders. We take care of everything for you in a few simple steps.

Gather the required credentials

We just need some basic information from you (collected from our toolbox: customer name, phone number, e-mail address, description of the issue, and work order type.

Connect the computer to the internet and run our toolkit

As long as the computer boots up to the desktop, can connect to the internet, and doesn’t appear to have any cryptographic malware on the machine, you are able to submit the information from the previous step. Our remote support application then installs onto the computer and we get an alert to start on the machine.

We complete the services requested.

Our average time-frame from when we initially connect to the computer, until the time that we are 100% finished with what we are requested to complete, is usually around 48-72 hours, or sooner in some cases. Keep in mind that this time frame only applies to remote services.

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